I Help All Creatures Great And Small

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I am a veterinarian and Ph.D. student from Poland. I am a non-domesticated animal specialist and I will soon defend my thesis in wild boar parasitology. I have practised on 5 continents and visited almost 70 countries. I share my stories on my Instagram account.

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I was a TEDxWarsaw speaker and I am passionate about teaching students. By giving people positive impact I believe that I can have an influence on them and make them sensitive to animals needs. I used to work as a model during studies so I am fighting with the ‘blonde’ stereotype. In the times of social media full of plastic beauties, fake smiles and women sexualization I prove that you can interest Millenials with good quality content and be a successful veterinarian, scientist and woman!

Being devoted to my work and having a mission of helping animals makes a good impact on people and I am even more motivated with all the good feedback I get from them. We can do something good every day!

You cand find some of my modelling pictures here.

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