Community Post: 25 Reasons You Are Awful, No One Loves You And You Will Die Alone

1. You Are A Terrible Roomate

You are loud. You don’t wash the dishes. You lack appropriate social skills. Also you voted for that one guy.

2. Two words: iPad selfies.


3. You wear Crocs.

4. You live here.

5. You park like this

6. This is your Spotify playlist

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7. You have an awful Netflix Queue.

8. You spend too much time tanning.

9. You are an awful neighbor.

10. You don’t do this.

11. You have odd eating habits.

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12. You always talk about yourself.


13. You drink the last of the milk in the carton.


14. You do this.

25 Reasons You Are Awful, No One Loves You And You Will Die Alone

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15. You Instagram your food. All of it.

16. You make stupid posts on Facebook.


17. You give meaningless advice just to be saying something.

no more talking.

18. You never take responsibility for anything. Ever.

19. You don’t know when to stop.

20. You always have to be the center of attention.

21. You use your phone in inappropriate places.

22. You stand on the wrong side of the escalator.

23. You don’t observe proper mass transit etiquette.

24. You only pretend to hold the elevator.

25. You never replace the toilet paper roll.

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