Apple – bringing families together

Apple - bringing families together

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11 responses to “Apple – bringing families together”

  1. SubungalTastiness says:

    Careful. You might be sued.

  2. TheActual says:

    You were in a post climax stupor, you’re blame free!

  3. Camu says:

    I flip through porn movies so fast looking for the perfect moment..trying to get as many girls in as I can..the horror if someone watched..

  4. schmitty8 says:

    *Makes families come together.

  5. LittleWhales says:

    just use your ipad

  6. retardedmoose says:

    Cue Apple bashing.

  7. retrohellix says:

    But did they enjoy it as much as you did?

  8. Chaple says:

    Meh, downvote me if you like, but I love my Apple products. I never have any issues from them.

  9. ProphetTenebrae says:

    Reverse psychology, eh?

  10. ipv6freely says:

    Buying Apple products FTW!

  11. DDB2020 says:

    It makes me sad that I always have to scroll down so far to find comments like this one. There is so much hate for no reason. :(

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