18 Easy Ways To Spruce Up Your Sunglasses

1. Sonia Rykiel-inspired pearl frames

Time to break out the glue gun.

2. Hand-painted shades

This simple tutorial encourages imperfect lines.

3. Juicy Couture-inspired sunglasses

Three layers of mint nail polish + one coat of clear polish = a $5 version of these $114 Juicy Couture frames.

4. Flag frames

A patriotic hand-drawn pair using Sharpie markers.

5. Painted arms

Another use for nail polish.

6. Sonia Rykel-inspired rhinestone sunnies

No glue gun required. More here.

7. Polka-dot sunglasses

Use a toothpick to paint polka dots on to your frames — no special paint required.

8. Inner-frame makeover

If you don’t want to make any extreme changes to your sunglasses, start from the inside with this tutorial.

9. Lace shades

Tutorial here. (Tips for how to actually see through them not included.)

10. Glitter glasses

Tutorial here.

11. Multi-color painted frames

This version of the polka-dot frames uses nail polish and Q-Tips.

12. Bejewelled sunglasses

Snip the backs of your flashiest pair of earrings and glue-gun them on to your frames. (Just beware of sharp edges.) More here.

13. Miu Miu-inspired glitter shades

This one is simple: Create a glitter-glue concoction and paint it onto your frames. Don’t forget to cover the lenses. (The Miu Miu originals cost $390!)

14. Dolce & Gabbana-inspired floral sunglasses

This project has been tearing up Pinterest boards since these floral sunnies were first seen at Dolce & Gabanna’s Fall 2012 show. You’ll need to pick up some ceramic roses or flowers from the craft store.

This tutorial takes a little more time (and polymer clay and baking), but the end result is more customizable.

15. Glitter cat eyes

Another nail polish project (inspired by J.Lo). Tutorial here.

16. Python print frames

This resourceful tutorial uses scraps leftover from those Sally Hansen sticker nails.

17. Leather-corner cat eyes

A project from P.S. I Made This, for when you just don’t want to go out and buy a new pair.

18. Embellished skull shades

This tutorial goes glue-gun crazy on some sweet skull studs.

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/jtes/18-easy-ways-to-spruce-up-your-sunglasses

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